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iD-Company is an arts education organisation with Contemporary, Street Dance

 and Musical Theatre programmes of study.

We offer Examinations and Teacher Training courses.

Created by the world's leading educators, choreographers, and teachers, we aim to develop the best in every aspiring dancer or teacher. 

Every exercise is broken down in a

private lesson, demonstrated with the counts and performed to current music that will have you dancing for hours.

You will have access to over 400 videos,


To be the best! You must learn from the best!

That is iD-Company!

Ryan Jenkins - Founder/President

'iD-Company pushes boundaries for excellence with leading choreographers of our generation and is a ground breaking movement that will nurture the talent of tomorrow."

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What is iD-COMPANY?

iD COMPANY is an independent teacher training and dance examination board.



Our industry professional team have created 3 inspiring syllabuses infusing new techniques that embody old traditions. 

We develop individuality, train students and teachers to become the best that they can be.

Most of all we are passionate about nurturing our teachers and supplying them with the skills they need.



We have tailored radical teacher training courses and developed syllabuses that will support your skills. 

The course will equip you with an understanding about movement, how its taught and how to cater to each student's needs.

This is a new way of working and we are proud of our hands on approach. Our exercises are detailed in the technical exercises but leave enough room for each student to develop their own interpretation in the dances.


Why choose iD-Company? 



We thrive for excellence and individuality, to achieve this we have added a new category to the exams

'Performance Skills'. 

We believe it is not just enough to dance the steps - You have to emote them!

The job of any performer is to create an emotional reaction from your audience, this starts from your first class to prepare students for iD exams, college auditions to then working on the West End stage or in a music video.

Our diverse creative team have worked in every part of the industry. They have performed and choreographed for the world’s biggest recording artists, performed in Hollywood movies and taught at the world’s leading dance establishments.

The team at iD team know what is needed to gain entry to professional dance colleges to working succesfully within the industry.

Never before has a team of  professionals worked together to produce new work that will transform you

as a dance teacher or student.

We’re confident you’ll find iD a great asset to you.


We don’t want you to just teach the movement

  We want you to know where it derives from

 what it means

and why it is important


Mission Statement

The mission of iD is to share our joy of dance by equipping the teachers of today who are training the dancers of tomorrow!


iD-Company provides the highest calibre of training for pupils by providing teachers with the support, guidance and the training that they need to nurture their students to ensure they become the best performing artists they can be.

iD-Company syllabuses are technically challenging, using traditional techniques mixed with modern styles and methods making them unique, current, fun to learn and most importantly, fun to dance!

We aim to advance contemporary and street dance training by first-class teaching based on innovation, creativity and diversity, and through our commitment to artistic excellence.

We believe that to become a true performer you must learn stage performance skills, learn to light up the stage and connect with your audience, whether for an exam or a professional engagement. Our syllabuses encourages this from the beginning, whatever your age, and is included in the teacher training courses.  

We want the dancers of tomorrow to be disciplined with great technique, but still keeping their individuality.

We have devised a new way to help teachers, that we believe will transform dance in the UK.  


With fresh ideas and new approaches, we want our teachers to be the best that they can be.

We want you to have the skills to teach with confidence. 

iD-Company believes reading from a book is not enough; you have to dance the steps and know their origins.

So we say...Don’t just say it! DANCE IT! Get your dance identity with iD!



Ask a Question or Ask to join!


Thank you.

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