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What do I need to become a Full Member?

We recognise qualifications from other dance boards, Licentiate, fellowships, associates, degrees and diploma programs.

Each applicant is assessed individually from the information given on your application to determine whether you are suitable to become a full or apprentice member. 

Each new member is required to take a teacher training course.
This is not a course to just learn the syllabuses, this is to introduce you to iD’s new teaching techniques, approaches and ideas for the given style.
If this is a new subject you have not taught, further training may be required.

All new members will be required during the 2 day course to learn and show their skills practically and verbally.


Apprentice Membership

This course runs over 6 months to 1 year.
Each candidate is assessed individually, we will take into account your professional training, experience teaching and any work as a dancer.

This is suitable for people who do not have mass experience in the industry or teaching.

You will be required to work as a teacher/assistant to apply the teaching techniques learnt for 1 year. After this time we shall contact the dance teacher you have been working with for an update on your progression.

Your iD teacher examination will then take place assessing you teach a class.

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Please contact the office for one of our up coming teacher training courses.

Access of the syllabus will be handed to members during their training weekend.

Teacher CYD sign up

£30 deposit 

We are excited you will be joining our courses.

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(For Teacher Use)

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