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Street Dance and Hip Hop is at the forefront of the commercial entertainment industry,

It is used in music videos, artist tours, TV adverts & Shows.


Street dance is an umbrella term that people use to cover a variety of dance styles, several of which feature in our syllabus. 

These styles all originated from social dances born on the streets and in nightclubs and were

heavily influenced by the social circumstance and music of the time.

The name ‘street dance’ is often used in today’s entertainment industry to describe forms of

choreography inspired by several of the afore mentioned styles.

It is therefore important to understand and know all the different genres that it covers, as they are

all very different.


Hip-Hop - House - Breaking - Popping - Locking - Waacking - Waving - Tutting 


Do you feel scared of these styles?


 We will be giving you the information and tools you need to learn the history, the technique and how to break down the movement so you are able to become a Street Dance teacher.

 Upon being accepted to the course, you will be a given a home tutorial DVD and a dictionary of the street dance styles so you can learn the basics in the safety of your home before attending our course.



If you have never learnt street dance and want to learn, we recommend you start at grade 1 and build up through our grading system. If you are more experienced, start at a higher grade.


Once you have downloaded our app each grade has a trailer which shows you the standard of our exercises so that you can work out which grade is best suited to your current ability.


Every exercise is broken down in a one to one tutorial, performed with counts and then to current music.

Each grade can be purchased individually from a low cost and depending on your ability, we recommend you work on each grade from 6 months to a year.


Why not find a dance school that teaches our syllabus so that you can enter yourself into our examination system.


We are soon to be offering online dance examinations through a registered dance school. 




If you are looking to deliver a brilliant programme of study in street dance within your dance school, this is the app for you.


Within the exercises, everything is broken down in a one to one tutorial, performed with counts and then to current music.

To enter students into our examination system, you must attend the iD Company teacher’s course to become a fully qualified teacher member.


On the course you will receive the teacher’s handbook, a music guide, certificate of qualification and learn the skills you need to teach at your best.


iD-Company launched in the UK 5 years ago and has had unprecedented success!

We are soon to be launching our courses worldwide in person and online throughout the USA, Europe, Australasia, Canada and China. 


For full information about each of our grades, download the app now to watch the trailers and see what is fully included. 



Dance colleges are now training dancers in these specialist areas and some dancers find it hard arriving at college without having their basic training


Our Street Dance syllabus is designed for dancers who train in Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary to learn their foundations.

If your dancers would like to work and dance for the world’s leading artists and shows like the X-Factor, they will need to learn these styles as early as possible.

During the 2 day course our dedicated team will break down all the do's and don't when teaching the street syllabus.
You will receive a handbook with a  desciption for each exercise.
You will be learning each style from the beginning and be able to write notes down in your handbook with all the tips and new skills learnt. 


We want to help you be your best and know that you may forget something or need a little help sometimes.

With this in mind we have set up a private Facebook for you upon finishing the course.

You can ask questions, share videos and make friends with your fellow teachers.


 Know that you are not alone!

 We are all connected if you ever need to ask our team a question.


You will be given a list of tracks which are to be downloaded.

Our music uses traditional and currents artists so the class is fun for your self and dancers.







Matt Walker

started dancing at the age of 3 where he trained in Tap, Ballet, Modern and Jazz at the Jeanne Bamforth School of dancing. At the age of 16 Matt co-founded The Urban Dance School (UDS) that is now established across the south east of England delivering over 15 weekly classes in Street Dance styles and celebrating their 10 year official anniversary in 2015.

Matt did his professional training at The Urdang Academy and as a performer his credits include dancing for One Direction, Chris Brown, J2k, Arjun, Loveable Rogues, Guy Ivory, Gary Go, DLush, Cheryl Cole and Mariah Carey aswell as performing at a wide range of prestigious international events and venues including The Royal Opera House, London Palladium, Wembley Arena, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Millennium Stadium, Birmingham Arena, Twickenham Stadium and at Cannes Film Festival.

Matt has alsoappeared in several films, The Nutcracker: The Untold Story and Noel Clarkes ‘Legacy’as well as appearing in ITV’s Britannia High and the UK movie premiers for High School Musical 3 and Adam Sandler’s Bedtime Stories.

In addition to Matts decade long career across stage, television and screen he has featured in wide range of adverts, videos and trailers for world famous brands such as Burberry: The tale of Thomas Burberry, Paco Rabbane: Black XS, Budweiser: Fifa World Cup 2014 Advert and many more.

As a Choreographer/Creative Director Matt has received 9 choreographic ‘fusion themed awards’, some of these for his work with his professional dance company Ombrascura Dance that he co-founded in 2008 - the winning pieces entitled ‘The Rose

Set’ and The Relationship Set’. He has also choreographed music videos and national & international performances for recording artists DLush, Sassy-An, DotStar, L, Young Don, NY, Gfresh, Gurindeer Seagul aswell as amassing a creative and performanceclient list for Disney, BBC2, Channel5,

House of Fraiser, ASDA, Sunkissed, CriminalClothing, Coca Cola, Dance Challenge, Icandy, Pearl Izumi, Quicksilver, Dettol, FIFA World Cup, Harlequins Rugby, Surrey Storm Netball, Gazprom and Sky Sports.

Kieron Providence 


Kieron Providence started his dance career in 2003 with a youth street dance group called Poison Ivy. In 2005 Kieron started his professional training at the Urdang Academy, He began teaching in 2006  at the London Metropolitan university on a Saturday scheme. In the same year he started teaching for U.D.S where Kieron’s vast knowledge and experience in the practicing of Hip Hop funk styles is a fundamental part of teaching at U.D.S. Since completing his training at The Urdang Academy,


Kieron has taught for B-better, Ombrascura Dance and Zoonation (the award winning company the brought you “Into the Hoods”), aswell as being a freelance teacher and performer.


His credits include appearing in

ITV’s X-Factor, several Bollywood films, easyJet, the Olympic opening ceremony, playing “The Prince” in “Into the Hoods”, as well as working with artists such as JLS, Alexandra Burke, Paloma Faith, Olly Murs and Whitney Houston. 


Damien Anyasi

London born and bred, Damien has danced in excess of 12 years, having previously been a student at The London Music School as a vocalist.

In his professional dance career, Damien has achieved a number of interesting posts. He was invited to join the choreographic team for the London Olympics Opening ceremony, and also performed.

Damien has performed at the Brit awards, National Theatre, Big dance 2016, Wembley Arena and in Trafalgar Square, he is the co-founder of The Waacktitioners,  the UK’s first waacking crew.

Competing as a dancer has taken Damien to Czech Republic, Sweden and France, Damien won UK dance teacher of the year and is a fair and respected

judge across the UK scene. 

Rohan Pinnock-Hamilton 

Rohan Pinnock-Hamilton was interested in acting and dancing from an early age.

He trained at the Audrey Spencer Dance Academy and at the Scala Performing Arts Academy.

He was North of England Tap Champion.

Pinnock-Hamilton studied at Rastrick High School and at the Urdang Academy.

His West end musicals, dance shows with acting credits include 

Mary Poppins,



Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat 

Some Like It Hip-Hop

Scottsboro Boys.

He has also been a backing dancer for the likes of Beverly Knight and Kanye West.

In 2017, he was partnered with Lucy-Jo Hudson on ITV's Dance Dance Dance.

Rohan and Lucy-Jo had been to Scala together and performed panto together when they were young.

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